FAQ on Projection Art

Depending on the complexity of the project a projection can vary from 2 to 5 months to plan, obtain permissions, research, carry out production and execute the installation.
Any public or privately owned buildings are a possible canvas for projection, both inside and out. Monuments, Museums, Facade's, Sacred Spaces, Domes, as well as natural landscapes.
Exterior projected installations can vary in duration. Typically a video might be between 10 and 20 minutes long and is looped to play for an extended duration. This can be programmed to play from dusk until dawn so that exterior installations will be visible throughout the night. Start times depend on time of year. Interior projected installations have more flexibility and depending upon indoor lighting constraints can be visible as a looped video throughout the day.
Longer term projected installations are possible. Projectors can be set up to play from a timer so that they automatically begin and end at a set time. In this case projectors could be set up to play for an extended period, however projector bulbs will need to be changed after prolonged use.
Optimatal viewing is possible any time after-dark or for an interior space, where lighting conditions can be controlled.
Selection of the most suitable projector(s), lens', projection distance, and building size all are variables that affect how large an image can be projected. Projection size is determined on a case by case basis.
Any and all media are considered as tools that can have the most relevant, creative and meaningful impact for the given project.
I offer a range of options for both small scale single projector temporary installations to more multiple projector, and longer term installations. Each unique project considers the projector set up, includes animated sequences, original looped content and sound, and the duration of the presentation.
I aspire to use the power of art to create, dynamic, transformative, imaginative projects that can positively educate and inspire their audience to actively engage with a space and issue. I am especially motivated to create media installation that communicate relevant and meaningful stories to enhance our understanding about people and place.