Projects Site Specific

Ten Years Later 2011

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the September 11th a video projection onto the east facade of St. Ignatius Church took place as a tribute to the lives lost in 2001.

Mission Dolores Public Mural 2011

In collaboration with muralists Jet Martinez, Bunnie Reiss & Ezra Eismont an 18th century mural was recreated just blocks away from the hidden original at Mission Dolores.

Wisdoms of the East and West 2010

Wisdoms of the East and West is an animated video created in Honolulu, Hawaii with Curator Michael Schuster to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the East-West Center in Honolulu Hawaii.

40th anniversary of Occupation of Alcatraz 2009

Using the structure of Coit Tower illuminated by video projectors from 3 sides, with films recalling the Native action aswell as honoring the local native Ohlone community. Early on the morning of thanksgiving, as people departed from the piers, on their way to Alcatraz, many were able to view images and video recalling the events of 1969.

Las Paredes Oyen: The Walls Have Ears 2007-08

The famed Diego Rivera mural, 'Man at the Crossroads', comes to life as an animated mural telling its story through interviews with family members of Diego Rivera and his assistant Lucienne Bloch. Contemporary artists and thinkers discuss the implications of Rivera's mural, "Man at the Crossroads".

Ashdown House: The home where science and technology live 2006

This hour long documentary tells the story of MITs oldest graduate dormitory was an effort to preserve the memory and culture of this significant building as before it was closed to graduate students.