Projects Site Specific

100th Anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake 2006

April 18th 2006 marked the 100th anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. On the eve of the anniversary and early on the morning Film was projected on Coit Tower.

Presidio Officers Club 2005

In collaboration with the Presidio Archaeology Lab and Presidio Trust the video "Deconstructing the Officers Club", shows archaeological research uncovering the interior structure of San Francisco's second oldest structure dating back to 1790s.

Living Ohlone 2004, 2008

On July 3rd and 4th a projection took place on the face of San Francisco's Coit Tower. This projection was a celebration of the rich indigenous heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Revealing the hidden Mission Dolores Mural 2004

A projection onto the dome of the Mission Dolores Basilica exposed for the first time in over two hundred years imagery of two sacred hearts that had been hidden behind the Mission Dolores altar piece of 1796.

Restoration 2002

A stereoscopic installation restoring Diego Rivera's famous Art Institute mural. The projection features notable faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute aswell as students.

Pandemonium 2002

This dual video projection is an animated installation based upon the visual influence of Dante's Inferno. Deriving examples from the illustrative text the projection takes the form of a concentric transparent maze in which the viewer meanders to the center, while viewing the abstract projection around them.