A Portrait of Mendocino A projected artwork about the People of Mendocino Village

Project Description

In April 2017 as central artwork for the inaugural Mendocino County Fringe Festival I presented a video embedded as an after dark projected video onto the facade of Moody's Coffee bar in the northern California village of Mendocino.

This was my humble project to present citizens in their small towns and neighbourhoods being active and engaged within their communities through their work. This isn't a masterpiece, but my hands on attempt to create an artwork that engages a local community with meaningful questions and issues.

The 15 minute video was shown as a repeated loop wih audio narration and soundtrack and repeatedly looped between 7pm-10pm on April 7th and 8th, 2017

Project Media

Short narrated video about "A Portrait of Mendocino"

Full 15 minute in-situ video of "A Portrait of Mendocino"

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